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Saturday, February 20, 2010


Bev Dolittle
On my way to assembly the Paonia Solargon 30 (previous post) I went over McClure Pass in western Colorado. At the very top of the pass just before you descend into the beautiful Paonia valley, there is an incredible forest of aspen. I stopped to take the picture above and was amazed at the density of aspens. It reminded me of a Bev Dolittle painting with the absence of Indians on horseback.
Dreams of my own Solargon in the woods came to mind.
If you have property and you are thinking of creating your own new living space and building a super efficient home, then consider this. It is not difficult. The people that show up for the assemble of Solargons are surprised at how quickly the structure goes up. If you have several friends and a weekend you can assembly a Solargon. Most of the building is already done when it arrives at your site. You do not have to be a builder and help is available for the planing and preparations needed for a smooth assemble of your Solargon home. Let me know your thoughts at:

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