Solargon: conservation of energy through intelligent design and utilization of super efficient building components to create very green cabins and homes.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Galloway Solargon 20-4

  This is the only picture I have of a new Solargon 20-4 project somewhere in Colorado. I expect to get some more shots soon. Solargon creator Rob Galloway has finally broke ground on this long awaited project to build his original vision of his small octagonal home. The Solargon 20-4 with it's distinctive roof, sets it apart from your typical yurt with super insulation, bath, kitchen, living area, raised bed with storage below, solar power and running water from a nearby creek. I will update as the project progresses. To see another Solargon 20-4 click here.

      As promised here are some new shots of the Solargon 20-4 with siding complete.Glass block was used for the bath and in the kitchen below the upper cabinets.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Solargon Vestibule

We have had requests for  pictures of Solargon 30 vestibules and links, so here are some views of past projects. Above shows a brook passing under the link from an existing home to a new Solargon addition.

Carrick and Sarah's Solargon has a 12'x12' add-on to accommodate the passive solar hot water storage which heats the building in colder months.