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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Solargon Paonia 20-4

 This is the latest version of the Solargon 20 with 311 sq. ft of living space. Owners Kale and Laura have finished this charming cabin complete with deck, sandstone patio, hot tub and root cellar. The Solargon 20-4 features a four sided roof system over an ultra efficient SIPs octagon. Kale's Cottage.
                                                   View from the hot tub.

                Inside is a nice kitchen with an addition to accommodate a bathroom.
Small gable windows illuminate the T&G ceiling giving this cabin an open and light living space. The  SIPs building envelope, which included all wall and roof panels was assembled in 6 hours and the owners completed the entire project in 3 months.  For more information about creating your own Solargon cabin or home write to

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