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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Solargon Living


I have to say that this is one of my favorite Solargon projects. I love their choices for inside treatments. Can't wait to visit again to see the bath and flooring completed.

  This Solargon 30 has a five star+ rating with a HERS index of 62 .  Similar to how MPG tells you the fuel efficiency of a vehicle, the HERS Index indicates the energy efficiency of a home. Each 1- point decrease in the HERS Index corresponds to a 1% reduction in energy consumption compared to a typical new home. (i.e. a HERS Reference Home with HERS Index of 100).Thus a home with a HERS Index of 90 is 10% more energy efficient than a typical home and a Solargon 30 with a HERS Index of 62 is 38% more energy efficient. The lower the number, the higher the savings for the home owner which equates to a lower cost of  ownership and higher resale value. See Article

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  1. I appreciate your work. For this, I would say Solargon homes are the natural improvement of fine-tuning and timing.