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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Solargon 30

This is an interior shot of the Monlezun Solargon 30. The drywall is finished and painting is underway.     See More


  1. Hi
    I hail from the southern tip of Africa so will never be a customer.
    However I thought I would ask.
    Is there any particular reason why the largest Solargon is 30-foot?
    Are there technical constraints that dictate this or are 40 and 50-foot Solargon's possible with the same construction mythology?
    Rgds Den Beech

    1. Hi Ben,
      There is a design for a 40' Solargon but the engineering is yet to be done. This is as large as we can go without internal support. We offer the 30' free-span Solargon so as to allow for whatever floor plan you choose in the unobstructed interior. We suggest connecting or linking them to gain the sq.ft. you desire. There is a continuous header at the top of each wall. This allows you to expand in any dirrection without additional structural components. Most of the world builds incrementally as future needs demand.Thank you.

  2. Any updates on the 40' model?