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Friday, September 21, 2012

Stewart Solargon 30 Before and After

 The Stewart Solargon early Summer.

Early fall with landscaping nearly complete.

Solargon Passive Solar

Passive solar design uses sunshine to heat and light homes. It is usually part of the design of the building itself, using certain materials and placement of windows or skylights. A successful passive solar building needs to be very well insulated in order to make best use of the sun's energy. Polyurethane SIPs are unsurpassed in performance and the result is a quiet and comfortable space, free of drafts and cold spots. Passive solar design can also achieve summer cooling and ventilating by making use of convective air currents which are created by the natural tendency of hot air to rise. The octagon shape and open design of a Standard Solargon lends itself well to this end.

In the winter when heating is required, the sun is low in the sky, which allows the heat to penetrate into windows on the south face of a structure. In the summer, south-facing windows are shaded by an overhanging roof to keep out the high hot summer sun. Because much of a building's heat is lost through its windows, the majority of windows in a Standard Solargon building are located on the southeast, south and southwest walls for optimum solar gain. Contact us with any question about investing in your Solargon home or cabin. See Web Album

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