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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Solargon Projects

                                         Paonia Colorado - Solargon 30 with 8' walls
Hi all,
 If you have a building project in mind for 2012 now is the time to start planning. Even though Solargons go up quickly, the project start to finish, will take time. What is your floor plan? Will you want a slab on grade foundation or build on caissons? This is the time to start thinking about all that is needed to get there by summer.  This has been a an interesting year with new applications for Solargons. Our latest project was a Solargon 30 with 10' walls. The owner added a 700 sq. ft. master bedroom with walkout porch and decks with a link to the existing house. You are always finding new ways to utilize our ultra efficient octagon structures. If you have questions about your upcoming Solargon cabin, home or addition write me at

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