Solargon: conservation of energy through intelligent design and utilization of super efficient building components to create very green cabins and homes.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Somewhere in Paonia, Colorado is this Solargon home.The early prototype in the foreground was stick framed. The latest addition next to it is an updated 20' model in SIPs panels. The owners plan soon to link them together to more than double their living space with a story and a half link. With the new baby they welcome the added living area. There are plans to install a Web Energy Logger in both units for a live feed to the net. This allows any time access from anywhere to data of the buildings energy performance. The difference in energy savings between the two building systems is dramatic. As a builder of forty years I see the shift from standard building components to greener systems. Codes are changing which drives the new green revolution.

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